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«Ukrpolymerkonstruktsiya» group

LLC «UkrPolimerkonstruktsiya»
LLC «Rivar-А» the construction of industrial facilities and special-purpose objects (gas stations, GZS, GTS, etc.) LLC «Ukrspetsregionbud» specialized general construction and installation work (power grids, power lines, bridges, tunnels, landscaping) LLC «Business Information Technology» construction and reconstruction of engineering networks, objects of city infrastructure
LLC «Ukrbudinvest-plus» design and construction of public and industrial buildings LLC «Spetsingeniering» construction and installation work in the field of heat and power supply and gas supply
Main activities

The main activities of the group “Ukrpolymerkonstruktsiya” is the performance of all types of construction, installation and repair works, namely:

  • obtaining permissive documentation for design and construction works;
  • the construction of industrial facilities and special-purpose facilities;
  • construction, reconstruction of housing and social facilities;
  • performance of works on installation of internal and external engineering networks;
  • work on the installation of buildings and structures of metal structures;
  • accomplishment of works on improvement of various objects.
Range of services

“Ukrpolymerkonstruktsiya” group  is a company that solves the full complex of tasks on managing projects of residential and commercial real estate:


  • Forecasting investment expectations
  • Study of the competitive environment
  • Statistical data
  • Forecasting the degree of demand for the project by potential consumers
  • Alternative concepts
  • Risk assessment of the investment project

Crisis management

  • Conducting research on public opinion;
  • Development and implementation of projects of public hearings;
  • The risk assessment of information and public events;
  • Preparation of special information events and their coverage in the media;
  • Legal support of transactions in real estate and construction;
  • Development of anti-crisis programs at construction sites;

Development of the concept of the future project Work to be done before the design:

  • Coefficient of site development;
  • The development of principal volume-spatial, planning, town-planning solutions;
  • Definition of engineering characteristics of the project;
  • Compiling tasks for engineering surveys;
  • Drawing up a design assignment;
  • Other types of work needed to start the design process (survey existing buildings, determine the necessary demolition of existing buildings, green spaces, etc.)


  • Collection and preparation of source data for the assignment;
  • Development of the project (stage “P”) with the passage of state expertise and obtaining a building permit;
  • Development of working documentation (stage “P”) with its approval.

Functions of the Management Company:

  • Holding tenders and signing contracts with the general design organization;
  • Definition of the basic construction strategy (general construction and financing schedule);
  • Determination of the order of construction and start-up complexes;
  • Holding tenders and signing contracts with other construction subjects (performing the functions of the Customer and the General Contractor)

Performing the functions of the Customer:

  • Analysis of design estimates;
  • Technical control and supervision of construction;
  • Acceptance of the completed scope of work and the commissioning of the facility;
  • Transfer of technical and executive documentation of the operating organization.

Performing the functions of the General Contractor:

  • Preparation of construction production;
  • Coordination of the work of subcontractors;
  • Performance of the whole complex of construction and installation works;
  • Material and technical support of construction works;
  • Maintenance of measures on labor protection and safety precautions;
  • Transfer to the Customer of the completed construction project according to the working committee certificate on all working documentation;
  • Issuance of a warranty certificate for the facility.
Our technical capabilities

The group “Ukrpolymerkonstruktsiya” has at its disposal modern equipment for construction works:

Truck cranes with carrying capacity up to 20 tons, boom length up to 22m
Heavy vehicles - up to 12 m long
Plastering and painting stations
Front loaders
Mast lift
Truck mixers (`` Mixers`` with a capacity of 6 cubic meters)
Means of minor mechanization (mortar pumps, power tools, welding transformers, etc.)
Realized objects
  • Systems of central heating and air conditioning business center “Stand”, Kyiv, str. Vasilkivska.
  • Systems of central heating and air conditioning office center, g .. Kyiv, str. Boryspilska.
  • Gas boiler house business center “IRVA”, Kyiv, str. Radishchev.
  • Water supply and sewerage office center on the street. Naberezhno-Kreschatitska, 9.
  • Logistic MEGACENTER class “A” (storage and household premises) FIEGE Ukraine, Borispil, external fire-extinguishing networks, water supply and sewerage with pumping stations and treatment facilities, central heating, and air-conditioning systems.
  • “Polygraphic combine” Ukraine “, Kyiv, str. Degtyarivska, 38-44 – ventilation and conditioning system.
  • Residential house № 2, gas boiler №2.1 and №2.2 Kyiv, Ave. Chervonozoryanyi, 4a.
  • Gas boiler-house shopping center “Auchan”,  Kyiv, Ave. Moskovsky, 15a.
  • Gas boiler station VCH 1498 “The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Smt. Bortnichi, Kyiv region.
  • Construction of a gas station “WOG” in Kyiv
  • Repair and reconstruction of restaurants “McDonald’s” on Sevastopol Square, St.m. Khreshchatyk, st.m. Petrivka, st.m. Minska, st.m. Kharkiv, ul. Borschagivska (Palace of Marriages), Moscow Sq.
  • Construction of complexes of gasoline stations LLC “Avias” and CJSC “Ukrnafta” in Rivne and Zhytomyr region.
  • Reconstruction and construction of the oil depot “Klevan” in the Rivne region.
  • Reconstruction of complexes of gasoline stations of LLC “Avias” and CJSC “Ukrnafta” in Kyiv and Kyiv region.
  • Reconstruction of the network of filling stations “Kievgornefteprodukt” under the filling station of LLC “Avias” with major repairs of the capacities of the fuel park.
  • Reconstruction of networks of gas stations “Avias Plus”, “ANP” “Ukrnafta”, “WOG” with installation of AGPP (LGP) and replacement of technological pipelines of oil products.
  • Residential house in Kyiv, str. Belaruska, 3-a. 22-storey monolithic-frame “dot” house with underground parking and commercial premises (2009, Project Management).
  •  CJSC Mirgorod Mineral Waters Plant Design and construction of outdoor water supply networks.
  • Designing of major repairs of the building of the main building of the State Institution “Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases LV. We are Ukraine’s Gromashevsky. “
  • LLC “UkrPolimerKonstruktsiya” – design and construction of the plant “turnkey”.
  • Design and construction of the Makarov gas station, Nezhinsky gas station.
  •  JSC Chertkovsky Sugar Plant design and construction of engineering water supply networks.
  • Construction and internal area networks of large enterprises of metallurgical, chemical, mining and other industries (OJSC Ordzhonikidzevsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant, OAO Krasnodonugol, DTEK Sverdlovanthracite, Dnepropetrovsk South UGOK).
  • Construction and reconstruction of engineering networks of enterprises of the fuel and energy sector (Makarov State Tax Service, Melitopol State Tax Service).
  • GP AI “Boryspil” Design and construction of terminal “F”; The construction of an oil pipeline into the composition of petroleum products; Construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems; Glazing of the facade;
  • Construction of water and gas supply networks.
Permit documentation

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