Diameter 63mm connecting parts for polyethylene water pipes (DSTU B V.2.7-178:2009) Welded elbow 45°

Technical features

D, mm
L, mm
Pressure, MPa
Item weight, kg

"UKRPOLIMERKONSTRUKTSIYA" produces welded fittings in series according to DSTU B V.2.7-178:2009 "Connecting parts for water pipes from polyethylene pipes. Technical conditions".

Welded polyethylene fittings (tees, T-bends, bends, crossings) are made by the "butt" welding method in the factory from specially cut lengths of pressure polyethylene pipes - "segments".

Welded polyethylene fittings are used in places of branching or turning in pressure and non-pressure water supply, drainage, sewerage, technical and industrial pipelines.

Appearance: black with 4 longitudinal blue stripes (or without them). They have an external and internal grate (seam) in places of "joint". The welded seams of the segment parts are marked with the welder's mark. Have a pasted tag with information about the manufacturer, the size, date and batch of production.

Ingredients: polyethylene pipes of appropriate diameter from high-density polyethylene of high density of class PE100.

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