Welded fittings


Electrofusion fittings from the company «Ukrpolimerkonstruktsiya»

Fittings are designed for efficient and reliable connection of pipelines of any kind. As a rule, these elements are widely used for installation works of gas supply and water supply. The demand for electric-welded fittings for polyethylene pipes was obtained through the guarantee of a long-term and trouble-free operation.

Characteristics and method of application of electric-welded fittings

Fittings are so-called couplings, through which several polyethylene pipes are connected. Welded PND fittings have a spiral or wire, which play the role of electric heating elements. When one of these elements is switched on, the docking parts are heated: an electric-welded fitting for polyethylene pipes and directly the edge of the pipe to their melting point. After carrying out such installation and cooling of the welding elements in natural conditions, the previously melted parts are firmly welded together, forming a strong monolithic connection that is sealed.

Electric-welded fittings made of special materials are produced at low pressure. As a rule, outside their body has two clamps, through which the electrodes of welded devices are connected.

Electrically welded fittings have excellent physical parameters:

  • due to the use of these elements it is possible to work with polyethylene pipes of different diameters (range from 20 mm to 400 mm.);
  • do not depend on the variation of atmospheric pressure;
  • can be used in difficult conditions and areas where the joint occurs;
  • resistant to high temperatures (up to 40 C);
  • suitable for pressure pipelines not only sewer, but also drinking water;
  • perfectly suited for corner joints, as well as for changing the diameter of the pipe and for docking to the fittings and other elements;
  • long-term service. These parts do not change the original properties throughout the life of the product;
  • do not respond to hydraulic fluctuations.

To date, there are a large number of different types of electrically welded fittings. The company "Ukrpolimerkonstruktsiya" offers a wide range of high quality fittings at an affordable price. 

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